I released some of my first software products back in 1994 and since then I have released a broad range of projects across various platforms and using all kinds of licensing forms.

When I want to learn a new technology I like finding a personal project and try to implement it using that technology. It allows me to test out more “edges” instead of just following a tutorial with an Hello World example.

Below is more or less a complete list of all these personal projects, sorted alphabetically for your viewing pleasure.


FillOut Manager

FillOut Manager

Around 1998 I often had to fill out long forms with lots of data. Initially it was because I submitted my software to lots of sites and each site had many fields I needed to fill out. So I had an idea for building a simple tool helping people to fill out forms on web pages easily.

This was before it being natively available in browsers. I just wanted to enter some strings fast and then dragging some of these strings into a web page and boom have it filled. That was the purpose of FillOut Manager which I created in a weekend.