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Order the full shareware version
Order the full shareware version

You've taken the first step to registering your copy of FontLister. As a registered user, you will get notified by email when updates arrives and you will get all future minor releases for free i.e. all 3.x versions.

One registered copy of FontLister may either be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers, or installed on a single workstation used non-simultaneously by multiple people, but not both.

Other ordering options

It's easy to register. It's only USD 5 and you can pay using all the major credit cards. Within the next couple of days, you will receive your personal registration key. Many registered users have told me that FontLister was worth more and that they'd gladly pay more than USD 5 for it. You will be able to register FontLister for USD 5, USD 10 or USD 15. All three prices entitle you to the same rights and benefits. If you use FontLister a lot and have the money, please register for USD 15. If you use FontLister a little or you're a poor college student, I'll be happy with your USD 5 registration. Register whichever you want, whichever amount that makes you feel the best.

You'll be transferred to a secure server using the latest secure server technology (SSL and RSA), and can ensure secure transactions with users of Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other browsers supporting this technology. It is a secure server even though your browser doesn't show the secure icon. This happens, because my secure page is embedded in frames. To get the secure icon in your browser, you should open the page in a separate window, i.e. right-click above link and select 'Open in New Window'.

If you don't like using your credit-card on the .net, it's possible for you to send me the money by snail-mail. If you're doing so, you will have to sent the dollars in cash. The reason is, that it costs me around $4 to exchange a foreign check. It is furthermore very important you remember to include your full name and email-address with the order. Otherwise I can't send you the registration key. Please go to the feedback page to find my postal address.

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