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Download your own free trial version within 60 seconds
Download your own free trial version within 60 seconds
You can download a copy of FontLister from this page. Currently there are three versions: FontLister 2.0 which is (and will stay) freeware, FontLister 3.x which is US$5 shareware and FontLister 4 which is a test release.

When you're downloading the shareware version, you're getting the full version. There's no nag-screens, no time-disabling, no password-checks etc. I just hate these reminders when I am trying out a program, so I decided I wouldn't include one myself. You are however still obligated to register your copy if you're using it 30 days after first installation.

Please be aware, that I am not supporting FontLister 2.0 anymore, e.g. no more bugs will be fixed. I'm very sorry for this, but I simply can't find the time for it.

To download a file, right click its filename and choose 'Save Target As...' (Internet Explorer) or 'Save Link As...' (Navigator/Communicator) from popup menu.

Package Size Download
FontLister 3.4.9
Latest US$5 shareware version with full support.
950 KB Download

You're still able to download FontLister 2.0 which is a free but limited version.

Package Size Download
FontLister 2.0
Old freeware version with no support.
239 KB Download!
FontLister 4.0 Test Release
Test release. See specialized pages for more info.
58 KB Download!

While downloading, check my free FontSelector. It's a very fast font viewer which is able to stay in your tray bar.

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